The St Gertrude’s Theatre Company have staged a number of well received shows over the years, including a few pantomimes, like Jack & Jill, in 2009, Sleeping Beauty in 2011 and our latest original show, This War! in 2014. A great deal of work goes into the shows, with both professional and non-professional help to put on the best show we can. It’s fair to say we are not the average amateur theatre company. We have people of all ages involved in the productions, and a great community spirit that makes sure you and your child have a great time.

Our previous pantomimes have the usual collection of bad jokes, rather good singing, and plenty of opportunity for the children to take part and be involved. Our evil baddy is always evil enough to be hissed at, but not evil enough to scare. Our plays are often serious and thought-provoking, and we put all the effort in that you would expect.

Our shows usually have a musical element to them, as well as a unique way of telling our stories.

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